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The largest historical archive of our heritage dating back to the pre-war period 1940-1945 was destroyed by the case of war, except for a small part interesting, that, however, the most important nucleus was then caught in the basement of the Torre Chigi.

The Archive has achieved since then and kept by Cilemmi Giachi family and was later reconstituted with research activities in the past and enriched in the following decades with the discovery of documents and other materials relating to research activities in the long journey of the history of San documents Gimignano.

The archive consists of important historical past of the arts in San Gimignano; art museum made from them over the centuries and a wealth of documents, ideas, experiences, drawings, letters, artists, bibliographies, stamps, photos, catalogs of Florentine artists, photos and postcards of the time, the war of cultures with newspapers, pictures, posters 1939-1945.

The archiving of paper documents has not yet undergone a true classification and is part of one of the next targets. The works of art on paper have been the subject of exhibitions in Italy and abroad.