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Chigi Tower

The Chigi Tower is one of the fourteen historic towers of San Gimignano and is located in Piazza del Duomo.

The tower, although not very high, is one of the most beautiful city. It was built in 1280 and belonged to both the Useppi and Chigi family.

The first three floors are covered with stone, well squared cut drafts, which open on the lights with low arches.

On the first floor there is a typical portal which is accessed by stairs, the legacy of the struggles of the times of medieval towns, when they preferred to sleep secure building access by withdrawing the first floor stairs at night.

On the second floor window is a narrow elongated slot with a bow resting on shelves.

The top is covered with bricks instead of two single windows on the same first two floors, while the latter has no openings.

It is the height of each floor are aligned trampling of neat rows of four scaffolding holes each, equipped with shelves, which look like wooden balconies that once had to increase the surface Arrange.

The tower is flanked by medieval buildings: one to the left of particular value for the valuable presence of mullioned windows with nice workmanship.

Small History

This is how the tower came to be called Tower Chigi, now propriety of the Cilemmi-Giachi Family.

Built in 1280, the Useppi Tower, now called Chigi, belonged to the family of Useppi. The tower, although not very high, is one of the fourteen historic towers of San Gimignano, and is situated in Piazza del Duomo.

The Useppi were very powerful sienese citizens, owners of many castels.

In 1214 the Useppi settled in San Gimignano, where they went to live in Useppi Tower Palace, next to the Palazzo del Podestà, in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo.

When the noble Useppi family became extinct, the heirs who took the properties of the noble family were the family called Chigi-Saracini. The last representative was count Guido Chigi-Saracini in Siena.

In 2002 the Cilemmi-Giachi family bought this tower.